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Murg Tandoori comes from the Punjab region of India. In this spicy chicken dish, the chicken pieces are marinated, skewered and then roasted in the earthern ovens, which are used to prepare tandoori Indian breads.

Servings: 2-3 people

Preparation Time: 1 hrs 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 hrs 30 minutes

Murg Tandoori


Chicken Legs:                  2 Full Legs (with cuts on the skin)
Curd:                             1 Cup
Garlic:                            6-8 Cloves(big) else 12-15(small)
Ginger:                           1 Inch
Green Cardamom:             5-6
Black Cardamom:              2
Mace:                            1
Nutmeg:                         2 pinches
Cinnamon Stick:               1 (2 in.long and ½ in.thick)
Black Pepper:                   8-10
Cloves:                           4-5
Cumin Seeds:                   1 tsp
Whole Red Chllies:             3-4
Star Anise:                      1 piece
Salt:                              To taste
Edible Red Colour:             A pinch or as required (optional)
Butter/Clarified Ghee:        ½ cup melted
Chat Masala:                   2 tsp
Lemon Juice                    1 tbsp
Red Chilli Powder              1 tsp


For Marination:
For the first marinade, rub the chicken legs with lemon juice, chilli powder and one tsp of salt. Keep aside for an hour. Meanwhile, finely grind all the spices mentioned above leaving salt, curd and color. Add a little water if the spice mixture is not becoming smooth.

Beat the curd to make it smooth. Now add all the spices, salt and color to the curd and mix well.

Once your mixture is ready, marinate the chicken legs in this mixture. Make sure that the marinade completely covers each bit of the chicken legs.

Put the chicken legs in a deep vessel and cover it with a lid or with the aluminum foil. Now keep this marinated chicken in the refrigerator for at least 12-15 hours to let the chicken completely soak up all the spices

For Cooking:
Pre heat the oven at the 180 degrees celsius for approximately 10 minutes. Now put the marinated chicken legs over the skewer and apply some butter over it. Now put the skewer into the oven and let the chicken roast for approximately 30 minutes or until done.

In between apply some butter over the skin while roasting. This will enhance the aroma and will also helps in maintaining the juices and your meat will not become too dry.

Once done, take out the skewer from the oven and put the chicken legs on a plate. Now sprinkle some chat masala over it and serve hot with onion and chutney.

Quick Tips:
The marination will be better if the chicken is marinated for longer duration.

 Comments/Feedback from Users
Very Authentic and very very yummy

Posted By: Neeraj on 06/03/2011
That was really awsome. Thanks a lot. My family cherished.

Posted By: Richa on 07/03/2011
Very nice

Posted By: Ritu Kumar on 08/03/2011
Very delicious

Posted By: Shambhavi on 08/03/2011
Our family liked it

Posted By: Raghav Kumar on 08/03/2011
Nice Recipe

Posted By: Dhyaneshwar on 09/03/2011